Vietnam investment consultancy design and construction technology joint stock company (DECONVIN) is established according to the decision No 0106681743 of Hanoi city Authority for Planning and Investment dated November 20th 2011. Since establishment, DECONVIN has been making impressive results in building civil and industrial construction works, centers, logistics, assembling, providing smart home solutions and investing in industrial parks…..

We have been designing and executing many important and complicated projects in group A and B which are achieved high evaluation from domestic and foreign investors.

The development of company now is built up thanks to talent engineers, enthusiastic and experienced staffs. We believe in our labor force who always desire for on- going development with our slogan “ON HAND ON TIME”. We always recruit skilled staffs and improve their qualifications and working abilities by sponsoring them to join short term and long term training.

We also consider that “Customers’ success is DECONVIN’s success”. We are aware that comprehensive service package for factories or manufactures is always expected from customers. Thus, we always introduce new technologies so that they can get economical effects in the application. We often contact with customers, welcome their feedback and establish the mutual close and stable relationships.

DECONVIN, based on actual value, has been trying to become a   interdisciplinary and leading economic corporation in Vietnam. We hope that we can cooperate with investors all over the world.


Dear Our Valued Customers,
For our DECONVIN, the mission is to be the more on-going professional contractor within construction and engineering services area, to support clients in targeting their goals, to maximize clients valuation besides creating a rewarding environment, to motivate the innovation from our employees.

In addition, it is through the expertise as well as the commitments from our hearts bring the quality, on time schedule of services offering to allow us to create exceptional values for our clients.

Our people are following the principle of work, keen to act as “best of the best” manner among tthe industry, and they totally ensure to safety works; provide the right works, right time to contribute the general achievement and integrity to customers, our vendors and other stakeholders.

Our criteria “Work hard, Work best” is the one we are proud of to bring to you, that been proven what we did in the past and what we have done recently. Therefore we believe we are able to bring you the most of our values, our fired heart of work.

We are here to listen from you, please!

Your sincerely,